The State Theatre, Opera and Ballet Employees Foundation (TOBAV) was founded
movie downloads. arcade games with the announcement made in the Official Gazette dated on December 28, 1981.

TOBAV was founded on to realize two objectives:

1) Maintaining mutual support between members of the foundation; and creating funds for members of the foundation.
2) Improving and making widespread the arts of theatre, opera and ballet throughout the country; providing support to the professional and amateur works in line with this objective; providing support to the established groups or groups which will be established; organizing encouraging contests, prizes, courses, seminars, discussions, panels, and symposiums; providing research courses within the country and abroad; publishing.

TOBAV focused on institutionalization and organization in the beginning. Within this period; it organized exhibitions, festivals for children’s theatres, play writing contest; held seminars and discussion meetings; and sought to realize the mutual support.